DFK Cab introduced cabs for Avant and CastLoaders articulated loaders. (On the picture: Avant loader with DFK Cab cabin).

The DFK Cab company presented new unique cabins for Avant and CastLoaders articulated loaders. Cabs provide a whole spectrum of benefits, such as protection from adverse weather conditions such as rain or dusty environments, or increased driver safety.

DFK Cab cabs for Avant and CastLoaders are made of polycarbonate, which fundamentally increases the functionality of the vehicle. These polycarbonate cabins are perfectly transparent and, as a result, provide exceptional visual conditions for high-quality vehicle operation when handling loaded material and during other work activities.

Compared to glass, polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable. The all-metal frame is a guarantee of high driver safety even if the vehicle were to overturn. DFK Cab’s cabs are equipped with door locks, sliding door windows and windshield and rear windshield wipers and washers.

Cab for Avant

The DFK Cab company has developed 2 different cabs for the aforementioned loader manufacturers. One is for the Avant 600 and Avant 700 series loaders. Avant loaders are considered one of the most versatile loaders in the world. In addition to classic cargo activities, they can also be used for plowing and sandblasting, but also for sweeping and washing, lawn care or collecting leaves.

Avant loaders (Picture: with DFK CAB cabin) are powerful multiple-function compact machines featuring excellent maneuverability with a huge range of accessory. The compact size makes Avant loaders excellent for tight spaces including sidewalks, warehouses and other small spaces. Avant articulated loaders are powerful vehicles with a telescopic boom, that can be used in different jobs as f.e. landscaping, ground care, property management, construction, snow removal, farming and agriculture.

They serve customers in urban maintenance, in agriculture, in the garden, in construction, in real estate maintenance, in green care, in woodworking or on the farm. They offer an efficient and multifunctional system for all needs throughout the year, while the installation of a cab from DFK Cab significantly increases user comfort.

The advantage of DFK cabins for Avant loaders is the large opening angle of the doors. These are designed and adapted to perfectly copy the shape of the machine during any movement. In addition, the possibility of fully opening the passenger door makes it easier to operate the loader’s accessories, as they can also be manipulated from the outside.

An appreciated added value of the DFK cabins for the Avant is the accessory in the form of a wiper and washer. Avant loader drivers will also welcome the excellent visibility and all-round view that the cabs offer.

DFK Cab cabin for CastLoaders 33 TLX.

Cab for CastLoaders loader

The second cabin of the DFK Cab company is specially developed for multi-purpose articulated loaders CastLoaders of the Cast 33 TLX series, which, thanks to their reliability and multi-functional use, are among the popular helpers in the field. The cabin offers the driver a high level of comfort and convenience. Polycarbonate doors with sliding windows and side mirrors ensure visibility during work.

The cab’s safety windshield with accessories allows the loader operator to work even in very adverse weather conditions. The cabin is designed to meet the high demands of its users and facilitate daily use in the work field.

CastLoaders 33 TLX with DFK Cab cabin.

The construction of DFK cabins for articulated loaders ensures their reliability and long service life, taking into account demanding operating conditions.

The DFK Cab company also manufactures cabins for ATV and UTV (All-Terrain Vehicle and Utility Terrain Vehicle) categories. In addition, it also produces cabins for agricultural machinery and cabins for forklifts. (sfr)


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