DFK Cab introduced a unique narrowed cab for forklift trucks

DFK Cab has introduced a unique narrowed forklift cab, which allows the vehicle to work comfortably even in warehouses with limited handling space. The new cab from DFK Cab, modified for storage drive-in racks, has an all-metal frame for greater driver safety and is heated.

The cab from DFK Cab is already in full operation on the Jungheinrich forklift trucks.

DFK Cab manufactures and supplies cabins for ATV/UTV (All-Terrain Vehicle/Utility Terrain Vehicle).

In addition, the company also manufactures cabins for agricultural machinery and cabins for forklift trucks (FLT).

The latest type of DFK Cab in drive-in modification provides forklift trucks with both basic benefits such as cab heating and the resulting increased comfort for FLT drivers.

In addition, however, thanks to its unique narrowed construction, the truck offers increased handling capacity in the aisles of warehouses with limited space.

It allows drivers to work without problems in warehouses where the racks are so close to each other that there would be a risk of damage to the truck with the original cab supplied by the FLT manufacturer.

Electric or hot-water heating, front and rear windscreen wipers and washers, door locks and sliding door windows are already in standard design of the cabins from DFK Cab.

The design of DFK cab kits for forklifts with a wide use of polycarbonate provides the crew a perfect view, comfort and protection from external influences.

The design of the DFK cabs ensures their reliability and long life in demanding operating conditions.

DFK Cab manufactures cabs for the forklift trucks of companies such as Caterpillar, Clark, Heli, Hyster, Hyudai, Jungheinrich, Linde, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Yale and others. (atv)


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