Tatra Trucks now offers oils and lubricants under its own brand.

The Tatra Trucks company has been supplying customers in many markets with trucks for various purposes for many decades, which they operate on roads and in difficult terrains in all climatic conditions. During their demanding service, Tatra vehicles need adequate care and service facilities, so the company will now also distribute its own oils and lubricants.

Tatra Trucks company provides its customers and operators of Tatra vehicles with, for example, technical services and consultations, service experts, supplies spare parts or trains technicians in its service center who subsequently take care of Tatra vehicles in a number of countries. Most recently, the company will supply oils and lubricants under its own brand to its partners and customers.

Tatra Trucks, in cooperation with TotalEnergies, the world’s leading manufacturer of lubricants, has developed and prepared high-quality engine, transmission and hydraulic oils, especially for Tatra trucks of all model lines. TotalEnergies is a strong strategic partner in the development and production of lubricants, thanks to its extensive experience it can adapt lubricants according to the specific requirements of the Tatra Trucks company.

The new engine and transmission oils thus meet the demanding requirements for both new and older models of Tatra vehicles.

In this way, Tatra wants to ensure the distribution of oils and lubricants with guaranteed quality, which it can control, for dealers, partners and customers. Inspections will be carried out regularly through laboratory tests, which can also be carried out directly at the customer’s facilities.

Tatra will thus also ensure that its vehicles will be filled with the same oils and lubricants during repairs at authorized service centers, with which they leave the production line.

Tatra Trucks‘ contractual partners, i.e. dealers and service stations, will recommend Tatra branded oils to all customers. The sale of these products will be carried out in the first phase through dealers.

For partners, Tatra will offer motivational support programs as well as training for service technicians as part of the distribution of branded oils and lubricants. Other products related to lubricants are in preparation and the offer will be expanded further.