Excalibur Army Wins Export Deal of the Year Award.

On Tuesday, December 12, the results of the 29th annual Exporter of the Year (Exportér roku) competition were announced. In the category of the Best Export Transaction Supported by the State – ČEB and EGAP Award, Excalibur Army belonging to Czechoslovak Group (CSG) was awarded the highest prize for the contract for the production and supply of vehicles on Tatra truck chassis signed with Resource Industries from the United Arab Emirates.

Excalibur Army announced the conclusion of the contract in early 2023.

The Exporter of the Year competition, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic in cooperation with Střední podnikatelský stav (Middle-Class Entrepreneurship Society), Asociace na podporu podnikání ČR (Czech Association for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship) and partners, compares the capabilities and performance of Czech companies in several categories.

It is held under the auspices of the President of the Czech Republic, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, the President of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and the Mayor of the City of Prague.

The announcement of this year’s winners took place last evening at the Residence of the Mayor of the City of Prague. In the category of the Best Export Transaction Supported by the State – ČEB and EGAP Award, the highest award went to Excalibur Army, based in Šternberk which is active in the development and production of modern land military and special vehicles.

The company was nominated for the award by the Czech Export Bank. Excalibur Army won the award following a €47 million contract with Resource Industries of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), announced at IDEX 2023 in February this year. The contract entails the production and delivery of more than two hundred vehicles with Tatra chassis for military and civilian purposes for the UAE market. The contract could be worth up to €77 million after factoring in the UAE partner’s costs.

“Our company Excalibur Army and the CSG to which it belongs are fueled by high value-added export contracts that help not only our business but the entire Czech economy. We appreciate the fact that the Czech Export Bank, which is an important partner of ours, helped us with the financing of this contract. Thanks to this cooperation, we have become a strong player that develops and manufactures great products and is able to successfully transfer its know-how abroad,“ said David Střešinka, Business Development Manager at Excalibur Army, who is in charge of the project, when accepting the award.

As part of the project, Resource Industries has built production facilities to assemble the vehicles as well as a testing and service center. Excalibur Army has provided the transfer of the necessary manufacturing technology and is supplying the partner in CKD/SKD kits and sub-assemblies from which the vehicles are assembled in the UAE.

Excalibur Army also provided equipment supplies, technical support, and personnel training and education. In addition, the contract includes the delivery of Treva-30 recovery and evacuation vehicles from Excalibur Army and TITUS armored vehicles from Tatra Defence Vehicle, a company which is also part of the Czechoslovak Group.

Excalibur Army and Resource Industries expect to continue to work closely together in the future. To this end, the two companies have signed a letter of authorization under which Resource Industries holds exclusive rights to manufacture, distribute and present Tatra Force chassis vehicles for the UAE, including the provision of service and spare parts.