Czechoslovak Group (CSG) unveils new global logo with shield symbol.

Industrial and technological group CSG (Czechoslovak Group) has introduced an updated logo, which is the central element of its new visual identity. It was prepared in cooperation with Dynamo design, a reputable graphic design studio which specializes in the creation of corporate identities for major companies. The whole process also includes a new website for the Group, which is now hosted on the domain at

The preparation of CSG’s new visual identity took almost a year. The cooperation with the renowned graphic design studio Dynamo design was well-tested, as they had already prepared the graphics for CSG’s 2021 and 2022 annual reports. It was also thanks to this positive experience that the studio succeeded in the tender process that CSG launched for its rebranding.

The core of the new identity is the logo, in which the new typography of the CSG abbreviation is accompanied by the name Czechoslovak Group in a more prominent position. An important graphic element is the red shield symbol. It is a continuation of the circular design of the letters CSG and forms the center of gravity of the entire logo. Compared to the existing logo, the new logo represents more dynamism, emphasizes the strength of the brand and communicates the company’s contribution to society.

“We decided to change our visual identity to accentuate our transformation into a strong international player with global ambitions. In recent years, our Group has grown thanks to successful acquisitions. Our new slogan, Heart, Heritage, Horizon, reflects this transformation. It means that we put our heart into our business, respect the legacy of our predecessors and look to the future,“ said DAVID CHOUR, Chief Executive Officer of CSG.

“Primarily symbolizing protection, the shield also evokes the curvature of the globe, suggesting the global dimension of CSG’s activities. Another advantage is the possibility to work with this element within the visual style, where it appears in the form of a spatial metallic object. The shield symbol also made it possible to create distinctive graphic elements for the individual divisions Defence, Ammo+, Mobility, Aerospace and Business Projects,” commented Jan Šlégr, Senior Graphic Designer at Dynamo design, author of the new visual style.

With the change in visual style, the individual CSG divisions, into which the Group is divided according to the main areas of its business, have acquired a new distinctive graphic element that is elegantly but unmistakably subordinated to the corporate identity of the entire Group.

The divisions’ symbols are derived from the shield as the prominent element of the new CSG logo and form a strong unifying element that, in addition to the aforementioned protection and global dimension, also represents the unity and mutual synergies across CSG.

The transition from a local group to a global brand is also complemented by the change of the Internet domain to, which now hosts the Group’s updated website.

The reason for this is that an increasing number of CSG companies have their production facilities outside the territory of the former Czechoslovakia, demonstrating its gradual internationalization. Today, CSG operates manufacturing facilities in eight countries on three continents. (sfr)