Legislation will bring an end to manual transmissions in tatra phoenix vehicles.

For modern trucks, as well as for personal vehicles, new rules will apply in the future. These are intended to contribute to better operational safety, but also to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions. One of these is the General Safety Regulation (GSR), which will come into effect for all newly registered trucks from July 1, 2024.

The oldest Czech car manufacturer, Tatra Trucks, must also adapt to these trends and rules.

The Kopřivnice-based company, Tatra Trucks, primarily manufactures heavy and special trucks, which have high demands placed upon them. Therefore, they must comply with the latest technical regulations, but also meet modern market trends and requirements.

These aspects are necessarily reflected in the design of the vehicles. The General Safety Regulation, along with the need to reduce emissions and also consumption in trucks, favors the use of automatic and automated transmissions. As a result, these trends will mean the end of manually shifted transmissions in truck equipment.

This will also affect the Tatra Phoenix model range, which represents the mainstay of Tatra Trucks‘ production for the civilian market.

„For Tatra Trucks, its business partners, as well as end customers, a significant change will come next year in connection with the GSR. Among other things, after July 1, 2024, there will no longer be manually operated transmissions on offer for the Tatra Phoenix Euro 6 heavy truck model range. We will continue to equip vehicles exclusively with automated or fully automatic transmissions,“ said Daniel Otáhal, Sales Director of Tatra Trucks.

„By the end of this year and in the first half of next year, our customers will have the last opportunity to order Tatra Phoenix vehicles with manual transmissions from us,“ added.

The discontinuation of vehicles with manual transmissions may seem to some customers as a limitation of the offer. However, modern automated or fully automatic transmissions offer many advantages. They primarily increase the reliability and safety of cars, enhance driver comfort, and reduce operating costs.

Especially in rough terrains, where Tatra vehicles often operate, modern automatic and automated transmissions are much more efficient than manual ones. They are also often lighter in design and have a positive impact on lower emissions. (sfr)