CSG holding companies will present military vehicles and radar systems at the NATO days in Ostrava.

Days of NATO and the Air Force of the Army of the Czech Republic are one of the largest events of their kind in Europe. It is a very interesting opportunity to present to the Czech public and experts the technology and activities of the Army of the Czech Republic, as well as the capabilities of the Czech defense industry. Among its most important representatives are companies belonging to the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) industrial and technological holding as well as the Tatra Trucks automotive manufacturer, which have been supporting NATO Days and similar presentation events for many years and presenting their products.

The CSG holding companies and Tatra Trucks perceive the NATO Days at the Ostrava-Mošnov airport as a prestigious event, which is why they have been special partners of the NATO Days many times. A number of them produce land military vehicles, weapons and ammunition, special equipment for the army and rescue services, but also automotive products or aircraft technology and equipment for aviation.

This year, the public will be able to familiarize itself with the development results and projects of the Tatra Trucks, Tatra Defense Vehicle and Retina companies at the Ostrava-Mošnov airport.

The attraction at the Tatra Trucks exhibition will be the firefighting Tatra Force special truck of the latest third generation, which had its world premiere at this year’s IDET/PYROS 2023 fair. Another exhibit will be the Tatra Phoenix 8×8 military heavy truck with a high-resistance armored cabin. The company will also show the public a proven line of Tatra Force military heavy vehicles.

Tatra Force vehicles are developed primarily for military purposes and are used not only by the Czech and Slovak armies, but also by other armies. Military flatbed versions with 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 chassis with different engines and cabin variants will be on display. Dozens more Tatra Force trucks will be on display in the exhibitions of the Czech Army or rescue services, i.e. firefighters and the Police of the Czech Republic.

It is not without interest that a few weeks ago Tatra completed an order for the delivery of more than 200 new Tatra Force 6×6 vehicles for the Czech Army, these vehicles will also be on display at the NATO Days. Military Tatra vehicles will be complemented by a civilian version of the Tatra Phoenix model line.

The company Tatra Defense Vehicle (TDV), which will also present itself at the Ostrava-Mošnov airport, specializes in the development and production of wheeled armored vehicles, as well as their repairs and modernization. TDV produces, for example, the Pandur II 8×8 armored vehicles or TITUS armored vehicles. It is the TITUS on the Tatra 6×6 chassis in the KOVS version intended for the Czech Army that will be the next exhibit in the CSG holding exhibition.

The Czech Army ordered 62 examples of the TITUS vehicle in three versions – communication (KOVS), command-staff (KOVVŠ) and also fire support coordination point (MKPP). In August of this year, TDV already managed to deliver all MKPP vehicles to the army, and now the production of vehicles of other versions continues. TDV also specializes in the development and production of armored cabins for Tatra vehicles.

One of the results of its activities in this field is a highly ballistic and anti-mine-resistant armored cabin installed on the already mentioned military vehicle Tatra Phoenix 8×8, which will be exhibited by Tatra Trucks at the NATO Days.

The supplier of modern radar and electronic systems, the company Retia, will also present itself at the NATO Days. Among other things, it is also involved in the supply of TITUS vehicles for the Czech Army, and has developed and installed electronic systems in them. In addition to electronic systems, Retia’s domain is also radar and electronic recording systems.

At the NATO Days, Retia will demonstrate a model of its ReGuard multi-purpose 3D radar for the detection and tracking of ground and low-flying targets. It is a very compact radar, thanks to its technical parameters, is suitable for protection systems against UAV, and Retia has included it in its new ReCas anti-drone system.

The ReCas system assembly can also include the ReGun directional jammer, which will also be on display at the Retia stand. Retia will also exhibit the ReTwis 5 small portable radar with the ability to detect live targets behind walls or other non-metallic obstacles.