CSG Holding has acquired two significant additions to the top management.

Two significant reinforcements joined the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) on the 1st of June. Zdeněk Jurák became the financial director of the CSG group, and Jakub Zdeněk became the production director of the CSG group.

These changes allowed the current financial director, David Chour, to fully devote himself to the position of executive director of CSG, to which he was appointed by the owner of the group at the beginning of this year. Jakub Zdeněk replaced Aleš Jedlička in the position of production director, who returned to the position of general director of the company Eldis Pardubice during the winter.

„I thank our HR and strategic recruitment for selecting quality candidates. Both selected managers have extensive experience with the positions they will hold at CSG. The change will allow Aleš Jedlička and myself to fully focus on our tasks in the positions we have been holding since this year.“

„However, we will of course be fully available to our new colleagues to hand over the complete agenda and share our insights and experiences with them. I wish our two new top managers much success in their roles,“ said David Chour, executive director of CSG.

Zdeněk Jurák came to CSG from the KKCG group, where he worked for over eight years. He has experience with financial management in Czech and foreign jurisdictions, in mergers and acquisitions, and in financing. From his position, he also coordinated the introduction of a new ERP system across the entire KKCG and was responsible for negotiations and communication with auditors across the entire group.

He previously worked at Generali PPF group and also in the audit team of the consulting firm Mazars. Zdeněk Jurák is a graduate of Mendel University in Brno. During his studies, he completed an internship in the USA at the University of Illinois. He holds an ACCA/DipIFR certificate and is a certified accounting expert.

Before joining CGS, Jakub Zdeněk held the position of plant director at Plastic Omnium (PO) Lighting Rychvald. Before that, he led production at the Nový Jičín plant of the same company. Outside the automotive segment, he gained experience in engineering and custom production as a project manager and consultant.

Jakub Zdeněk obtained a master’s degree from the Institute of Economic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. After graduating, he worked as an analyst at Deloitte Advisory, where he focused on lean management and efficient production and logistics management. (sfr)