CSG Aerospace partners with the Technical university in Liberec.

CSG Aerospace, a division of the technology-industrial holding Czechoslovak Group, collaborates with a number of Czech universities and academic institutions. This year, they have already signed cooperation agreements with universities in Pardubice and Ostrava. In April, another partnership was established, this time with the Technical University in Liberec.

On April 20th, the General Director of CSG Aerospace, Aleš Klepek, together with the Rector of the Technical University in Liberec, Miroslav Brzezina, signed a cooperation agreement at the CSG holding headquarters in Prague. The agreement is a further confirmation of the deepening relationship between CSG Aerospace and Czech higher education institutions and the academic community.

The agreement will help create a common space for projects in the areas of education, industrial research, development, innovation, and expert activities beneficial to both parties.

In a short period, this is already the third similar partnership between CSG Aerospace and Czech universities. In the previous period, representatives of the CSG Aerospace division signed similar framework agreements on research and development projects and also on preparing students for practice with representatives of the University of Pardubice and subsequently the Mining University – Technical University in Ostrava.

The Technical University in Liberec and CSG Aerospace will collaborate and coordinate their projects in technical fields such as mechanical and electrical engineering technologies. The cooperation will also focus on human resource development, which will bring an increase in the professional level of not only students but also academic staff and employees of the CSG Aerospace division companies.

Last but not least, the companies belonging to the division and the university will strive to apply the results of the collaboration in practice and in the production of new products. (sfr)