Companies of CSG are heading to the Latin America Aero & Defense 2023 fair in Brazil.

Companies of the Czechoslovak Group holding will participate in another important world fair in the field of defense and security systems. After the IDEX 2023 fair, they will present their products and services in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the Latin America Aero & Defense (LAAD) exhibition from April 11 to 14, for the first time ever. In addition to Excalibur International, these will be the companies Eldis, Retia and CS Soft all belonging to the CSG Aerospace division.

The LAAD trade fair is the largest and most important trade fair for defense and security technologies in Latin America, which takes place once every two years. It is supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, the command of the Brazilian armed forces, but also the Ministry of Justice and representatives of Brazilian security.

An importance of the fair in the region is also evidenced by the numbers, during the LAAD 2021, around 450 exhibitors presented themselves at the fair and almost 40,000 visitors and 133 official delegations visited it.

Among the exhibitors will be the CS Soft company, which is a traditional supplier of the most modern air traffic management (ATM) systems and solutions for aviation. It has been on the market for over 30 years and has customers all over the world.
Within its development and business activities, CS Soft specializes in the development of complex and scalable software solutions for air traffic management. It develops and supplies systems that process flight plan data, radar data and other flight data necessary to maintain an overview of air traffic and its management.

The product portfolio is complemented by ATC simulators that provide full-fledged air traffic control training. It also develops multi-purpose tools enabling comprehensive and secure distribution of sensitive data of various formats between individual airport components as well as diverse software testing tools used to verify ATM security and reliability.

In Rio de Janeiro, CS Soft will present its key products for air traffic control services. This will be, for example, an ALS ATM system, an ATC simulator, a PAGODA solution for monitoring data link traffic, Traffic Complexity Manager or an improved multi-purpose tool for situational overview and investigation of aviation incidents RadarView or a solution for CWS web display.

The Eldis company specializes in the development and production of radar technology and air traffic control systems. The company’s products are used by customers in more than twenty-five countries around the world, serving both civil air traffic control organizations and the military.

At LAAD 2023, Eldis will present its entire range of active radars to visitors through models. First of all, it will be a set of radars RPL-2000, i.e. a comprehensive solution for air traffic control. The RPL-2000 set consists of the RL-2000 primary surveillance radar, the MSSR-1 monopulse secondary surveillance radar, and the PAR-E precision approach radar. The set of radars in the exhibition will be enriched by the ERDIS air traffic control software system.

The Retia company manufactures and modernizes radars, command and control systems, UWB localization and communication systems and recording systems. Products of Retia are widely used in the military as well as in the civilian sphere and represent the top in their category.

The exhibit at LAAD will feature one of the company’s main products – the ReGuard 3D radar, which has the ability to locate and track not only small air targets, but also ground targets. It is a compact device for use in air defense systems, especially for protection against drones and low-flying targets.

Retia will also exhibit the unique radar device ReTwis 5+, the technology of which it has been developing for many years. ReTwis 5+ is able to detect live objects and people behind non-metallic obstacles, a feature that is especially appreciated by security forces. Retia managed to succeed with this product in several important markets, such as the USA.

Excalibur International will also present its services and projects at the CSG holding’s joint stand. The company is an integrator of complex projects of CSG holding companies and is also their commercial representative in a number of regions around the world.

Excalibur International focuses mainly on large international projects of turnkey solutions, logistics provision and project financing in the field of defense and civil industry. Specifically, at LAAD 2023, Excalibur International, together with a partners, will present the project of a self-propelled howitzer with 155 mm gun, which will be offered to the Brazilian armed forces. (sfr)