Excalibur International implementing new projects in Indonesia worth over 500 million eur.

Excalibur International implements new projects for Indonesia worth over EUR 500 million (CZK 12.2 billion). Excalibur International, a commercial agency from the CSG group, is currently implementing two major armament projects for Indonesia. Information about them was released at the defense technology fair Indodefence 2022, which was held from November 2 to 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As part of the MRAD (Medium Range Air Defense) project, the Czech company will deliver a medium-range air defense system to the Indonesian Air Force. As part of the KHAN project, it will supply a tactical ballistic missile system. The total price of both projects exceeds 500 million euros.

On the production of both systems, Excalibur International (hereinafter EXINT) works closely with the Turkish defense industry and with several defense industry enterprises in the Czech Republic. Czech companies supply radars of several types and Tatra chassis. However, Czechs in particular fulfill the key role of system architect and integrator.

Miloš Šivara, CEO of EXINT, stated: „Our company plays the role of a system architect. The company Retia is a system integrator and, together with its sister radar manufacturer Eldis, will supply radars of two types for both systems. This is a strategic project of cooperation between the Czech and Turkish defense industries.“

The MRAD air defense system uses multiple types of cruise missiles with different ranges and two latest generation radars from Retia and Eldis. One is in the medium range category and the other is in the long range category. Together, they provide an overview of targets in the airspace as well as missile guidance.

„On the world market of air defense systems, this is currently a unique solution that ensures high redundancy,“ Šivara pointed out.

Deliveries of the MRAD system will begin in 2023 and last for several years. It includes several dozen chassis of the Force type series from the Tatra Trucks car manufacturer. These will serve in several applications: as a chassis for missile launchers, radars, charging equipment, a command and control system, and mobile service workshops.

The KHAN ballistic missile system has a range of several hundred kilometers. Even in this case, it includes launchers, command vehicles, charging vehicles and workshop vehicles on the Tatra chassis. However, further details about him are not published.

„Thanks to strategic cooperation with the Czech and Turkish defense industries and the long-term presence of EXINT on the Indonesian market, we have fulfilled the requirements of Indonesia, including the use of the Tatra chassis, which is traditionally in the inventory of the Indonesian army,“ adds Miloš Šivara.

Both systems were custom developed according to the requirements of the Indonesian Army. Both projects also include extensive offset programs that partially transfer the production of some defense technologies to Indonesia. Both projects are financed by a club of Czech and foreign banks.

„We are pleased that both systems at Indodefence 2022 attracted the interest of other potential customers,“ Šivara concluded.

Czechoslovak Group (CSG) is a holding following the tradition of Czechoslovak industry, owned by Czech businessman Michal Strnad. CSG supports the development of traditional Czech, Slovak and foreign companies engaged in defense and civilian industrial production and trade.

It includes, for example, the car manufacturer Tatra Trucks, the world’s major producer of small-caliber ammunition Fiocchi and the radar manufacturer Retia. More than 10,000 employees work in the companies included in the CSG holding and in connected companies. In 2021, the holding’s consolidated sales reached 14.4 billion crowns.

The main branches of CSG are engineering, automotive, railway, aerospace and defense industry. CSG’s products can be found on all continents thanks to the holding’s strong pro-export orientation, and the number of the holding’s customers is still growing. (sfr)