The Czech company DFK Cab has successfully launched serial production of cabs for Segway Villain quad bikes.

The Czech company DFK Cab has successfully launched serial production of cabs for Segway Villain quad bikes. The delivery of these new cabins to customers in Europe and the USA is already underway. DFK Cabs fundamentally increase the utility value of the four-wheeler. DFK Cab is the only Segway Villain cab manufacturer in the world.

The sharp sporty side-by-side model Villain by Segway is developed for off-road sports enthusiasts. With the most power and torque in its class and an excellent chassis, it focuses on the speed, adventure, racing, adrenaline and unique experiences that riders crave.

DFK Cabs for the Villain model use bent polycarbonate. The transparent door with a bend fully copies the shape of the frame. Thanks to this, the cabin becomes a truly organic part of the machine, without changing its original sporty profile in any way.

The DFK Cab for the Villain segway series respects the design of this four-wheeler and at the same time further emphasizes its dynamic and sporty character. Underlining the dynamic design of the vehicle, the DFK Cab becomes a sophisticated solution for this sporty four-wheeler.

Customers in Germany have already shown considerable interest in DFK Cab Segway Villain ATVs. A number of orders for DFK Cab Segway Villain four-wheelers come from the United States, among others.

Quad Segway Villain with cab from DFK Cab.

Quad Segway Villain with cab from DFK Cab.

The DFK Cab increases the value of the ATV

Cabins from DFK Cab significantly increases the utility value of the vehicle. Only with a cab does the customer get a work or sports machine that can be practically used in all weather conditions. Since the Segway Villain is designed for off-road driving, it can be said that the cabin is an essential part of this vehicle.

The essential role of the cabin on a sports four-wheeler is relevant right now, when autumn brings cooler and rainy weather. The cabin is literally fatal in winter, when the cabin becomes absolutely indispensable in the practical use of an off-road vehicle.

It can be said that without a high-quality cabin, an off-road quad bike can only be used in winter with major limitations.

The DFK Cab cab for the Villain vehicle is made of completely transparent material and therefore does not restrict the driver’s view in any way. An integral part of the cabins from DFK Cab are wipers and washers, as well as soundproofing of the cabin, for example.

The front glass can be fixed or opening. A heated windshield is a matter of course.

The entire cabin can be equipped with heating. It then reliably provides heating, which works just like in a classic car. The cabin can be easily ventilated. The doors have windows and the front part is hinged.

The imaginative DFK cabin design for the SSV Villain is not „just“ a practical improvement to the off-road vehicle protecting the driver from rain, mud and bad weather conditions, but truly becomes an organic part of the Villain ATV.

Segway Villain

Segway’s entry into the market

The company Segway came to the market last year with its powerful UTV and SSV quadricycles of the latest generation, when it introduced the UTV Fugleman, SSV Villain and ATV Snarler model lines.

DFK Cab for Fugleman

DFK Cab has been supplying Segway Fugleman UTV cabs for some time. The Fugleman series is intended primarily for work use – for farm owners, mountain hotels, municipal services, agriculture, forestry, hunting, construction and other activities.

At the same time, however, the Fugleman models are able to offer their crew of three a very dynamic ride.

The Czech company DFK Cab was the first ever to develop and start producing cabins for Segway quad bikes. For the off-road model, Fugleman produces the cabin in two versions.

The premium cabin is made of polycarbonate. The polycarbonate cabin fundamentally increases the functionality of the off-road vehicle.

Cabs from DFK Cab for Segway’s Fugleman UTV are currently primarily intended for the pan-European market, with the exception of Russia and Belarus.

DFK Cab on the UTV Segway Fugleman.

DFK produces for all world brands

DFK Cab specializes in the production of cabs for work, off-road, leisure and sports machines. It manufactures cabins for all types of four-wheelers of all major world brands.

All cabins of the domestic manufacturer DFK Cab are modular. They can also be purchased individually. This means that if the customer does not require a complete cabin for his quad bike, he can purchase, for example, only the windshield, etc.

The customer can also buy only the rear part of the cabin or the back and front part without doors.

In addition to cabs for off-road sport quads, DFK Cab also offers cab superstructures for industrial vehicles or for industrial use. The company also manufactures cabins for agricultural machinery and cabins for forklift trucks. (sfr)