Yamaha has introduced its 2022 UTV: RMAX 1000 Sport and Viking.

Yamaha has announced its 2022 UTV line up. The big news from the BluCru is a souped up RMAX 1000 Sport to race out in front of this first pack of returning models. While not a totally new model, the RMAX Sport does now have fully adjustable Fox suspension.

So instead of having the three levels of adjustments like before, you can fine tune hi-speed and low speed compression with a 24 position clicker controlling the same impressive 14.2 (F) and 16.9 (R) inches of wheel travel. Now shoed with 30-inch GBC Terra Master tires, the RMAX2 1000 Sport retains its 13.8 inches of ground clearance.

According to Yamaha, the Terra Masters offer contrasting ride and handling characteristics, depending on the setup. “Side A,” the stock setup, offers a larger void ratio with horizontal lugs for soft to intermediate terrain, increasing forward acceleration and enhanced braking.

“Side B” offers a smaller void ratio with circumferential grooves for improved grip in the corners and a greater contact patch on intermediate to hard off-road surfaces. Those 30-inch tall meats are mounted on color matched 14-inch beadlock wheels.

More improvements to the RMAX line is the XT-R vehicles now have the factory-installed SSV audio system, with second-row speakers added to the RMAX4 1000 LE versions (R-Spec and Sport models are pre-wired for the Yamaha Genuine Accessory audio kit), and the RMAX4 1000 R-Spec now comes with a suntop.

Furthermore, Yamaha explains power and engine braking in the RMAX 1000 can be tailored for a variety of off-road situations with Yamaha’s D-Mode in LE, XT-R, and Sport models (pre-wired and available as a Yamaha Genuine Accessory in RMAX 1000 R-Spec versions) via the Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) system.

Yamaha’s D-Mode offers three power delivery settings to match the driver’s mindset and trail conditions: “Crawl” for smooth throttle control and full engine braking in slow-speed, technical driving situations, “Trail” with linear throttle response for a fun, relaxed ride with full engine braking, and “Sport” with a quick throttle response and optimized engine braking for an overall aggressive, fast-paced experience. All three D-Mode settings utilize the RMAX1000’s full engine power and 8,500 rpm redline.

2022 Yamaha Viking X4

According to Yamaha, the 2022 Wolverine X2 and Wolverine X4 deliver superior handling, especially on tight, technical trails, combined with Yamaha’s legendary Real World Tough durability and reliability. Smooth, ultra-quiet power comes from an 847cc twin-cylinder engine, along with Yamaha’s Real World Tech including the proven Ultramatic CVT transmission backed by Yamaha’s unprecedented 10-Year Belt Warranty, Yamaha’s On-Command System with 2WD, 4WD and 4WD with full differential lock, and Yamaha’s exclusive EPS.

2022 Yamaha Viking

The workhorses of 2022 line up are Yamaha’s Viking and Viking VI equipped with Yamaha’s reliable and powerful 700-class engine. Combined with a comfortable and confidence-inspiring ride in its class-leading cab with room for three to six people, Vikings have very large dumping cargo beds and are also fun to drive. (utv)