CFMOTO for 2021 introduced an array of new features, plus some new models across three lineups: CFORCE ATVs, UFORCE utility side by sides, and ZFORCE performance side by sides.


With six ATV models to choose from, the new CFORCE lineup has a seat for every seat! Many of the goodies that riders pay extra for on competitive brands come standard on our CFORCE machines, including:

●        Automotive paint

●        Digital gauge

●        USB port

●        Two-inch receiver

●        Horn

With the exception of the entry level 400 S, all 2021 CFORCE models also get electronic power steering, aluminum rims, and a winch.

Starting this year, all CFORCE models also come with a revised exhaust system for quieter operation and improved heat isolation.


The CFORCE 400 S and 500 S, these midsize do-all machines are great values with their lower price tags. Both offer rugged steel front and rear racks and halogen headlights.

The differences between the two:

●        The CFORCE 400 S has steel rims.

●        The CFORCE 500 S has aluminum rims, plus electronic power steering and a 2,500-lb winch.

Both models receive a new Bosch 48pin EFI system for more precise fuel and air intake control.  This results in improved engine-running quality. We’ve also implemented an updated brake system that’s been optimized to reduce noise.

The 400 S is available in Lava Orange, Royal Blue, Nebula Black, and True Timber Camo. The 500 S comes in Lava Orange, Royal Blue, Fire Red, and True Timber Camo.


The CFORCE 600 is available in a one or two-up model.  With powerful 580cc EFI engines, these eye-catching machines offer more size and capacity than the 400 S.

Standard features include:

●        Durable composite-over-steel racks

●        High-visibility Ridevision LED headlights and taillights

●        Hand guards

The CFORCE 600 Touring model has a longer chassis than the CFORCE 600 and a comfortably sculpted high-backed passenger seat. Both models also come with our new noise-reducing hydraulic disc brakes. A cargo space located in the fender of each model helps protect important items from the elements.

Both the 600 and the 600 Touring are available in Lava Orange, Royal Blue, Titanium Grey, and True Timber Camo.


For ultimate comfort and capability, The CFORCE 800 XC is just the ticket.

●        Get big power with an 800 V-Twin EFI engine!

●        An independent trailing-arm rear suspension with fully adjustable gas shocks delivers a smooth ride.

●        A sculpted passenger seat allows for a second rider to join in the fun.

Additional features include:

●        Composite-over-steel racks

●        LED headlight accents

●        Fender flares

●        Hand guards

●        Storage compartment in the rear


New 2021 features on the 800 XC include:

●        An improved display interface

●        A more ergonomic handlebar switch design

●        Brushless variable assist electronic power steering

The 800 XC comes in Lava Orange, Athens Blue, Titanium Grey, and True Timber Camo.


Just when you wondered what CFMOTO can think of next, we proudly introduce the CFORCE 1000 Overland. This new machine was inspired by adventure bikes and caters to a growing sport called “overlanding.” This group of outdoor and off-road enthusiasts love exploring on their own terms, often doing multi-day treks on a motorcycle, ORV or ATV.

Of course, riders will find this vehicle is capable of much more than that, as it brings the same capabilities for working and recreation as the rest of the lineup. For example, The CFORCE 1000 can quickly become a two-up machine for touring with a significant other. Simply remove the middle or all the travel cases and add the accessory passenger seat.

The 1000 Overland has a 79 horsepower, 963cc V-twin engine to take on countless miles of trails, and three quick detach hard-side travel cases allow for plenty of gear so you can be fully equipped for your next off-road adventure.

The 1000 has plenty more to take on those epic journeys, like:

●        Aggressive CST Clincher off-road tires on 14-inch rims with bead locks for when nature gets nasty.

●        A trailing-arm rear suspension with fully adjustable gas shocks to help smooth out the ride.

●        Heavy-duty steel front and rear bumpers, a high-strength front aluminum front bash plate, and durable full-length HDPE skid plates to help protect the machine from whatever the rugged backcountry throws its way.

●        Composite-over-steel racks that offer even more cargo hauling ability.

●        LED front flood lamps for better terrain viewing.

●        A front fairing with integrated windscreen and hand guards to help protect the rider from the elements.

The Overland also gets the same new handlebar switches, easy-viewing digital display, and brushless electronic power steering as the CFORCE 800 XC.

This exciting new model comes in two new colors: Granite Ridge and True Timber Midnight.


This year’s UFORCE lineup is all about “U” and how you work. We’ve got 3 tough-as-nails models of utility side by sides: the UFORCE 1000, UFORCE 800, and the all-new UFORCE 600.


Many features that cost extra on competitive models come standard on these do-all machines, like:

●        Electronic power steering

●        Aluminum rims

●        Automotive paint

●        3,500-lb winch with a wireless remote


●        Tilt steering with steering wheel lock

●        Digital gauge

●        Side mirrors

●        A two-inch receiver



The newest member of the lineup, the UFORCE 600, brings eye-catching new styling and work-saving features like:

●        Two-person bench seat to bring along extra help

●        Robust 580cc engine for plenty of power

●        Compact chassis design that produces a shorter turning radius

●        600-lb capacity dumping cargo box to help get the job done

This handy machine fits any job, any garage and any budget. Speaking of handy, the UFORCE 600 comes standard with a ton of convenient assets like:

●        A bench seat that folds open for under-seat storage

●        Side nets that make getting in and out easy

●        A durable, plastic roof designed with a built-in channel to keep water from dripping in

●        A new, easy-to-read LCD display interface

●        An adjustable driver’s seat

●        A switch with Eco and Sport ride modes to change the throttle response and torque curve for working or riding, respectively

Because work doesn’t end where pavement does, the 600 is built to take on rugged terrain. A fully independent suspension featuring front A-arms with an arched, gull-wing design delivers ultimate ground clearance. Plus, a steel front bash plate and full length skid plates offer added protection from rocks, stumps, and other obstacles.

Other standard features include:

●        Ridevision LED headlights with daytime running lights

●        LED tail lights with backup lights

●        A 9.25 gallon fuel tank for added range when heading to the back 40

The ROPS cage has profile tubing, so it’s ready for accessories like a windshield and full doors. The new UFORCE 600 comes in Royal Blue, Titanium Grey, and True Timber Camo.


The UFORCE 800 features dual bucket seats to bring along an extra hand.  It has a 600-lb,  gas-assisted dumping cargo box, making hauling and unloading a breeze. Other features include:

●        Half doors

●        LED headlight accent

●        Updated hydraulic disc brakes

The 800 comes in Lava Orange, Titanium Grey, and True Timber Camo.


The mighty UFORCE 1000 offers the ultimate in raw power with a 1000 V-twin EFI engine. It also has a three-person bench seat that folds open and includes a handy toolbox for additional storage, plus side nets and a roof. No job is too big with its 1000-lb dumping cargo box!

This big-time work machine also comes standard with:

●        LED headlights and taillights

●        An adjustable driver’s seat

●        Brawny 27-inch CST tires to handle rough terrain

●        A 10.5-gallon tank

New to this year’s UFORCE 1000:

●        Hydraulic disc brakes with reduced noise

●        A reinforced tailgate

●        A revised EPS ratio for a better steering feel

●        An optimized display interface

But we didn’t stop there. A new front differential brings quiet performance and increased strength, and a rough texture has been added to the seats to keep riders from sliding around.

The UFORCE 1000 is available in Royal Blue, Titanium Grey, and True Timber Camo.



The amazing new ZFORCE lineup of performance side by sides come with these great extras as standard features:

●        Electronic power steering

●        Winch

●        Aluminum rims

●        Automotive paint

●        Tilt steering with steering wheel lock

●        A digital gauge

Try to find all that in a competitive machine. All models also get an updated controller in the power steering. The 500 and 800 in addition get a new Bosch 48pin EFI system for more precise fuel and air intake control, plus a new braking system.

This lineup offers models in either a 50-inch wide trail stance, or 60-inch wide sport stance, allowing riders to match the machine to how they ride.


The 50-inch wide models include the 500 and 800 Trail. The narrower stance these vehicles promote lets riders go almost anywhere, and the friendly price tag puts them on a fully equipped machine at a price that’s just as amazing.

The Trail models tackle tough terrain using a double A-arm suspension with compression, rebound-adjustable gas shocks up front, and rebound adjustable shocks in back. A rear cargo space and glove compartment provide plenty of storage for trail-riding gear.

Additional features include:

●        Roof

●        Side mirrors

●        LED headlight accents

●        Cargo net

The 500 Trail has side nets and comes in Lava Orange and Titanium Grey. The 800 Trail gets half-doors and comes in Lava Orange, Athens Blue, and Pearl White.


The ZFORCE 800 EX has the same great features as the Trail models, but with the wider sport stance. It also differs with a shock package that has both compression and rebound-adjustable gas shocks all around. Like the 800 Trail, it comes with half-doors.

The 800 EX comes in Lava Orange, Athens Blue, and Pearl White.


The ZFORCE 950 Sport comes with the latest hot styling, but this bad boy has more than just good looks. It’s designed to wrestle the gnarliest terrain with:

●        A wider sport stance

●        A double A-arm suspension with a front sway bar

●        QuadLink trailing-arm suspension with a solid sway bar in back

●        Adjustable compression/rebound gas shocks for ironing out the nastiest backcountry trails

●        An adjustable toe-in/toe-out feature to better dial in the ride

Plenty of pep is produced with a 963cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine, and when added muscle is needed, a Sport Mode switch gives the rider more sand-kicking horsepower. This mean machine also has:

●        Two adjustable and comfortable vinyl-bucket seats

●        Ridevision LED headlights and taillights

●        “The Pulse” digital display with a handy touch screen made from thin-film technology

●        Durable plastic roof to keep out the scorching sun or drenching rain

●        Rear cargo area for coolers and other gear

The 950 Sport comes in Mercury Silver, Ghost Grey, and Fire Red.