The cabin on the all-terrain four-wheeler ensures comfort for the driver in winter. Protects against snow and cold. (Illustrative photo: DFK Cab).

The cabin on an all-terrain vehicle, that is, on a vehicle of the ATV/UTV category, becomes a highly useful helper against cold, snow and other extreme weather conditions in winter. Thanks to the installation of the cabin, the classic open „summer“ four-wheeler can very quickly turn into a universal all-terrain vehicle that can be used versatilely and comfortably in the cold or in snow drifts.

One of the most important suppliers of cabins for off-road ATVs is the Czech company DFK Cab. Thanks to its cabins, the four-wheeler becomes a full-fledged all-year-round work tool or sports device, for which cold, snow or rain are not an obstacle during full deployment and maximum use.

The cabin of the company DFK Cab protects against snow and cold.

Cabins from DFK Cab can reliably eliminate snow and therefore moisture. Inside the cab-covered vehicle, the driver can enjoy warmth and relative dryness. The cabin is equipped with a windshield with a wiper, a washer and also a windshield heater.

However, after installing the cabin, the four-wheelers maintain the excellent driving characteristics of this category of machines when driving in difficult terrain. The four-wheeler then meets the tests for the operation on roads.

Thanks to the cabin, the all-terrain quad bike can be a comfortably usable and highly practical helper for a number of professions that require the ability to move efficiently and relatively comfortably in the off-road, even in winter.

DFK Cab on the CF MOTO U Force four-wheeler.

The entire cabin can be equipped with heating. It then reliably provides heating, which works just like in a classic car.

The services of an all-terrain vehicle with a cabin in winter will be appreciated, for example, by workers in municipal services, managers of winter areas, farmers, hunters, fishermen, security agencies or rescuers.

The cab from the DFK Cab company can be easily dismantled at the end of winter and the quad bike can then be used again in its open form for all functional use.

Segway Snarler with the cabin of DFK Cab.

The DFK Cab company recently presented, among other things, a cabin for the new Segway Snarler quad bike. It is designed as a work and commercial vehicle that can be used both in the field and, for example, for road maintenance and other communal services provided by municipalities.

The cabin significantly increases the utility value of this vehicle, especially in winter, and ensures the driver a high degree of comfort when performing work activities, even in difficult terrain in his free time.

Polaris quad bike with the cabin of DFK Cab.