FIOCCHI SHOWED ECOLOGICAL AMMUNITION IN NUREMBERG. The Fiocchi Group, one of the world’s leading ammunition manufacturers, which has been part of the Czechoslovak Group holding since 2022, presented itself at the IWA hunting and shooting sports fair. This exhibition, which has been held since 1876 in Nuremberg, Germany, is characterized by a very varied composition of visitors: hunters, sport shooters, gun fans and businessmen from all over the world.

Some even take their hunting dogs to the IWA.

Most of the stands at the fair exhibit short and long firearms and their accessories, outdoor equipment and, of course, ammunition, the quality of which is just as important as the quality of the weapon itself. In the field of ammunition, the Fiocchi Group was undoubtedly one of the most important exhibitors at the IWA. It presented all its brands: Fiocchi itself, Baschieri & Pellagri and Lyalvale Express.

While Fiocchi offers a complete portfolio of ammunition, including centerfire ammunition, the other named brands specialize in premium shotgun ammunition. Together, they can meet the needs for every type of hunting and for every shooting discipline. Customers can choose ammunition tailored to whether they hunt in the mountains or swamps, and whether they shoot on boars or deer. Other product lines are used for various sports disciplines from biathlon to trap (shooting pigeons, respectively their asphalt or clay substitutes) There is even a training hunting ammunition with a quieter shot, which is useful for hunting dog training.

Fiocchi’s slogan is: Responsible Passion. The use of a firearm always entails an extraordinary responsibility not only to people, but also to nature. Fiocchi follows the current trend with the newly developed Green Core series. This ammunition is optimized to meet the strictest environmental requirements. It does not contain lead or other heavy toxic metals.

Shotgun cartridges are made of plastic, which in normal natural conditions decomposes within one year. Shotgun bullets are made unconventionally from bismuth, which is characterized by health safety, although it is a heavier metal element than traditional lead.

The vast majority of Fiocchi’s sales are civilian production, only about a fifth of production ends up in the hands of armies or police forces. Fiocchi can also produce custom-made ammunition for them, including the top line designed for special forces. This ammunition, which is partly handmade, must work one hundred percent in extreme conditions, including in water.

Thanks to the fact that Fiocchi has become part of the Czechoslovak Group, a group that traditionally operates in the defence industry, activities aimed at the defence & law enforcement segment should gradually expand.Fiocchi is traditionally presented in connection with sport. For example, it is a partner of the Italian Olympic shooters team. Biathlon champion Dorothea Wierer collected a number of medals with ammunition from Fiocchi.

Like the Czechoslovak Group, Fiocchi is originally a family business founded in 1876 by Mr. Stephano Fiocchi. A minority stake in the company is still owned by his family, and some of the founder’s descendants even work in Fiocchi. One of them is the technical director Constantino Fiocchi, who said at the IWA fair: „We are glad to have become part of the Czechoslovak Group, because it is an industrial group that is interested in further investment and business development of Fiocchi.“

This was confirmed by David Štěpán, member of the Board of Directors of CSG, who also participated in the Nuremberg fair: „We are expanding in the USA, where we are building a new factory for ammunition primers. Our ambition is to produce one billion of them a year.“

Sports, hunting, leisure, but also defensive shooting will remain one of the human activities for a long time. Products from Fiocchi contribute to shooting being safe, efficient, responsible and ecological. (sfr)