Cab from the DFK Cab company on the CFMOTO Gladiator X850/X1000 quad bike.

With the arrival of winter, the need to purchase a cabin for an all-terrain vehicle, i.e. a vehicle from the ATV/UTV category, becomes even more intense. Thanks to the installation of the cabin, the classic open „summer“ four-wheeler can literally turn into a universal all-terrain vehicle in an instant, versatile even in extreme winter conditions, i.e. in frost and snow drifts.

The Czech company DFK Cab is an important supplier of cabins for off-road ATVs. Thanks to its cabins, the four-wheeler becomes a full-fledged all-year-round work tool, for which neither winter nor snow is an obstacle for full use. Cabins from DFK Cab are excellent at eliminating outdoor snow and therefore humidity. Inside the cab-covered vehicle, the driver can enjoy warmth and relative dryness.

The cabin is equipped with a windshield with a wiper, a washer and also a windshield heater. Thanks to this, the four-wheeler meets the tests for operation on roads. Even after installing the cabin, the four-wheelers maintain the excellent driving characteristics of this category of machines when driving in difficult terrain.

Thanks to the cabin, the all-terrain quad bike becomes a universal, year-round usable helper for all professions that need to move efficiently and relatively comfortably in the terrain. The services of an all-terrain vehicle with a cabin will therefore certainly be used and properly appreciated by, for example, workers in municipal services, managers of winter areas, farmers, hunters, fishermen, security agencies or rescuers.

The cabin can of course be removed at the end of winter and the quad bike can be used again in its open form for all functional use.

The DFK Cab for the CFMOTO Gladiator X850/X1000 has significantly increased the protection of the crew from the elements.

Cabs produced by DFK Cab combine the durability of their design, the use of quality materials, smart design solutions and high utility properties. Functional and durable cabins take into account the design of the vehicles, but also the experience and needs of their owners.

The cabin significantly increases the utility value of the vehicle for the customer. Only with a cab does the customer get a work or sports machine that can be practically used in all weather conditions. An integral part of the cabins from DFK Cab is, in addition to the wipers and washers, for example, the soundproofing of the cabin.

The front glass can be fixed or opening. A heated windshield is a matter of course. The entire cabin can be equipped with heating. It then reliably provides heating, which works just like in a classic car.

(Photo: DFK Cab on a Can-Am ATV).

The services of an all-terrain vehicle with a cabin are used and appreciated, for example, by workers in municipal services, managers of winter areas, farmers, hunters, fishermen, security agencies or rescuers. The cabin brings a fundamental improvement in functionality even for commercial vehicles.

DFK Cab continues to develop its product range for industrial vehicles and industrial applications. The company manufactures cabins for agricultural machinery or cabins for forklifts, for which it presented a unique narrowed cabin that allows the forklift truck to work comfortably even in warehouses with limited handling space, i.e. in narrow warehouse aisles.

It allows drivers to work without problems even where the racks are so close to each other that the truck with the original cabin supplied by the manufacturer would be at risk of damage.

(Photo: DFK Cab on a Jungheinrich forklift truck).

The DFK Cab in the modification for warehouse drive-in racks provides greater safety for the driver even if the vehicle were to overturn due to the all-metal frame. This cabin is also heated and offers the driver sufficient thermal comfort even for working in cold weather. DFK Cab manufactures forklift cabs for companies such as Caterpillar, Clark, Heli, Hyster, Hyudai, Jungheinrich, Linde, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Yale and others. (sfr)