Polaris RZR Pro XP Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition offers an unmatched audio experience.

Polaris has taken its most powerful and versatile RZR to a new level with two RZR Pro XP Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition machines. These vehicles offer an unmatched audio experience providing the ultimate soundtrack to outdoor adventures at every level with both a Sport and Ultimate model, and available in two-seat and four-seat configurations.

The Sport model delivers premium Stage 1 audio at a significant value, while the RZR Pro XP Ultimate Rockford Fosgate LE features the industry’s most powerful Stage 4 high-output factory audio system. The Ultimate model combines factory-installed high-output audio experience with a host of style enhancements, including interior accent lighting, backlit speakers and more.

“Having a soundtrack delivered with crystal clarity and power takes the adventure to an entirely different level,” said Steve Menneto, president of Polaris Off Road.

“Our customers have an appetite for bigger, better sound, and who better than our partners at Rockford Fosgate to help us deliver the industry’s highest-level audio in a vehicle that looks and performs, as good as it sounds.”

Customers shared their interest for more audio options and that improved sound quality would help create an even better riding experience. To deliver on this need, Polaris created the industry’s only audio limited edition side-by-sides—the RZR Pro XP Rockford Fosgate Limited Editions.

The Ultimate has factory-installed Stage 4 high-output audio bringing a level of peak performance and high-quality sound previously only available for aftermarket custom builds. This system now provides 800-watts of premium sound so you can clearly hear your music through your helmet while riding at higher speeds.

There is more to this limited edition than just a set of speakers. It’s packed with attitude with custom paint and graphics, front and rear blue LED accent lit speaker enclosures, and stainless-steel tweeter and rear speaker grills.

The RZR Pro XP Sport Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition allows customers to experience the ride with their friends and family, with the Rockford Fosgate Stage 1 audio on Polaris’s most versatile & powerful RZR.

The Polaris RZR Pro XP Sport and Ultimate Rockford Fosgate Limited Editions come equipped with:

RZR Pro XP Sport Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition

Factory-Installed Stage 1 Rockford Fosgate Audio System – PMX-P2 head unit with AM/FM antenna, 50-watt component speakers and 1-inch tweeters in the front, powered by a 100-watt RMS amplifier, all of which is element ready, so it can stand up to the rain, dirt, dust and mud.

– The RZR PRO XP 4 Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition Sport adds two 50-watt speakers in the rear and an upgraded 200-watt RMS amplifier, giving customers up to 200-watts of power to experience with their friends and family.

– The RZR Pro XP Sport delivers riders a 64” stance and 181HP that gives them the freedom to conquer all terrain.

RZR Pro XP Ultimate Rockford Fosgate Limited Edition

–The two-seat and four-seat Ultimate Limited Edition both deliver 800-watts of proprietary off-road tune and ultra-high-performance speakers. With four upgraded 100-watt speakers and a 400-watt 10-inch factory-installed subwoofer, this custom audio system provides eight times more power than the current two-seat Ultimate, and four times more power than the current four-seat Ultimate.

– The Ultimate Limited Edition automatically adjusts the volume based on your speed so that you can focus on the trail, it also has a special tune in the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to match the audio performance of this new configuration for optimal sound.

– Acolor-matched roll cage, limited-edition custom graphics and paint, stainless steel tweeters and rear speaker grills, and backlit speakers with Blue Hue Lighting ensure it looks as good as it performs.

– Get all the upgrades that come with the RZR Pro XP Ultimate trim, including RIDE COMMAND technology, DYNAMIX 2.0 active suspension, 6-point retractable harnesses, a telescoping steering wheel, and much more.

The RZR Pro XP Sport Rockford Fosgate LE comes in a Vogue Silver colorway and the Ultimate comes in a Radar Blue colorway, both arriving in dealerships in early April.