Holding CSG is implementing investments in Czechia and Slovakia worth more than 2 billion. (Excalibur Army: visualization of the new hall).

Holding CSG is implementing investments in Czechia and Slovakia worth more than 2 billion CZK. Up to 300 new jobs will be created in the new halls, which will be built in the manufacturing companies of our industrial-technology holding company Czechoslovak Group in the coming months.

Preparation works are proceeding at a brisk pace even during the summer months. In total, the holding, owned by Czech industrialist Michal Strnad, is investing more than two billion crowns to increase the production capacity of its businesses. New operations will be established in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the companies Tatra Defence Vehicle, Excalibur Army, and the Slovak MSM Group, which are part of the CSG Defence division.

The company Tatra Defence Vehicle (TDV) is currently working on project documentation and a building permit for the construction of a new production hall at its premises in Kopřivnice. The cost of its construction will exceed 300 million crowns and is expected to create 40 to 60 new jobs.

The new production hall will meet the highest standards of modern and eco-friendly buildings, and compared to existing buildings, it will have significantly lower operating costs. The implementation of a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the building is also planned.

Tatra Defence Vehicle – visualization of the new hall.

In the new production space, there will be a concentration of welding capacities, especially for large units, which will help optimize production in the existing assembly hall and generally improve the overall production flow within the company.

There are also plans to acquire a welding robot. In addition to the construction of the new hall, the TDV company is investing tens of millions more into expanding the capacity of the existing paint shop. Operations in the new hall and expanded paint shop are expected to start depending on the company’s order capacity at the turn of 2024/2025.

Among the largest investments of the Šternberk company Excalibur Army is the construction of a new production hall for the assembly of wheeled vehicles with an extensive administrative section, and the purchase of manufacturing technologies. The financial costs of constructing the new hall are around 500 million crowns, while the purchase of new technologies is expected to cost the company approximately 150 million.

The project for the new hall is currently in the technical and financial preparation phase, with the planned initial operation of the first production line at the turn of 2024 and 2025.

The new hall at Excalibur Army also has an ecological dimension, as the Šternberk manufacturer of armored vehicles plans a number of energy-saving measures, which are now standard – efficient heating and air conditioning, LED lighting, insulation.

In addition, the company plans to install photovoltaic power plants on the roof (not just the new building) with a total output of approximately 670 kW as part of a separate project, to utilize the ecological potential of production. The technology purchase is in the tendering phase.

The new hall and new technologies will allow Excalibur Army to increase the production capacity of wheeled military vehicles and to get more involved in international projects related to equipment purchases for the Czech Army. The expansion of production space will create 120 jobs.

Part of these will be filled by the company simply by transferring the existing production line from the Šternberk premises, and the rest will be filled with new people. The vacated operation will be utilized by the prototype workshop, which has long suffered from a lack of space for the development of 6×6 configuration vehicles and larger.

Investments within the Czechoslovak Group holding are not just concerning Czech companies, the Slovak branch of CSG, MSM Group, is also working on projects related to increasing production capacities and improving technical and technological infrastructure.

It plans to invest almost 50 million euros (1.2 billion CZK) in its operations in Snina, Dubnica nad Váhom, and Nováky. The goal of the planned investments is not only to expand production capacities but also to continue improving conditions for MSM Group employees, renovation of changing rooms, social facilities, canteens, as well as modernization of workplace equipment.

Tatra Defence Vehicle – visualization of the new hall.

Modern operations and newly acquired machines will be more energy-efficient and produce significantly less waste. It’s worth mentioning that MSM Group is involved in an EU project addressing the development of new energy materials and replacing currently used ones that contain elements risky for the environment and human health.

MSM Group expects the renovation of the production premises to make the production process more efficient and automated, thereby becoming safer, more flexible, simpler, more productive, and faster. This will, in turn, allow employees to focus more on sophisticated activities with higher added value. For example, the MSM Group plans to create modern workplaces with robotic arms and modern CNC machines in Snina.

Investments have been directed towards the VOP Nováky for robotics, automation, new filling lines, and product quality control systems. Thanks to a high degree of automation, robotics, and technological infrastructure, VOP Nováky is among the most modern operations in its field within Europe.

Thanks to investments in modernizing production capacities and technologies, MSM Group expects a further increase in job positions. Over the past 12 months, the company has grown by more than 400 employees. (sfr)