DFK Cab has been supplying cabs for the Segway Fugleman for a quarter of a year. He is also preparing cabins for SSV Villain.

DFK Cab has been supplying cabs for the Segway Fugleman ATV for a quarter of a year. DFK is also preparing cabins for Segway Villain model. The Czech manufacturer DFK Cab has been producing and successfully supplying cabins for Segway Fugleman ATVs for more than a quarter of a year. It is newly preparing cabins for the Segway SSV Villain model line.

DFK Cab, a company specializing in off-road cabs, began manufacturing and supplying cabs for Segway off-road vehicles in March this year.

DFK Cab is the only manufacturer of cabs for the new Segway Fugleman in the world. The polycarbonate cab manufactured by DFK Cab significantly increases the functionality of an off-road vehicle.

Recently, DFK expanded its offer for Segway ATVs by launching a lightweight cargo box.

Segway Fugleman ATVs are a commercial success. A similar interest as in the ATVs themselves can also be expected in the cabs from the DFK Cab company for the mentioned vehicles. DFK Cab plans to deliver about 500 cabs for Segway ATVs this year.

DFK Cab is newly starting to prepare the production of cabins for another Segway ATV, the Villain model.

Segway launched its latest-generation UTV and SSV ATVs last year with the introduction of the UTV Fugleman, SSV Villain and ATV Snarler model lines.

Segway Fugleman

The UTV Fugleman is the first model which has been supplied to the market. This ATV offers revolutionary connectivity. The „Segway Powersports“ application allows the machine to be controlled, started and set up remotely. Thanks to this application, customers can use various functions that will make their ride with their „Fugleman“ even more pleasant.

Segway Fugleman

The Fugleman series is intended primarily for work – for owners of farms, mountain hotels, communal services, agriculture, forestry, hunting, construction and other activities. At the same time, however, the Fugleman models can offer their three-member crew a very dynamic ride.

The Czech company DFK Cab was the first to develop and start producing cabs for Segway ATVs, especially for the latest off-road model Fugleman. It produces the cabin in two versions. The premium one is made of poison carbonate. The polycarbonate cab significantly increases the functionality of the off-road vehicle.

Polycarbonate cabins from DFK Cab are perfectly transparent. They provide the driver with a clear and perfect view from the cab. Compared to glass, polycarbonate is practically unbreakable.

All cabs of the domestic manufacturer DFK Cab are modular. They can also be bought in individual parts. This means that if the customer does not require a complete cab for his ATV, he can buy, for example, only the windshield, etc. The customer can also buy only the rear part of the cab or the rear and front part without a door.

The DFK Cab increases the value of the ATV

The cab significantly increases the utility value of the vehicle for the customer. Only with the cab does the customer get a working machine that can be practically used in all weather conditions. An integral part of cabs from DFK Cab are wipers or washers, but also, for example, cab soundproofing.

The windshield can be fixed or opening. The heated windshield is a matter of course. The entire cabin can be equipped with heating. It then reliably provides heating, which works in the same way as in a classic car.

DFK Cab has LED roof lighting available for the Segway UTV Fugleman in addition to the cargo box.

The cabins from DFK Cab for Segway’s UTV Fugleman are currently intended primarily for the European market, with the exception of Russia and Belarus.

DFK Cab specializes in the production of cabins for work, off-road, leisure and sports machines. It manufactures cabins for all types of ATVs of all major world brands.

In addition to cabins for off-road sports ATVs, DFK Cab also offers cabin superstructures for industrial vehicles and for industrial use. The company also manufactures cabins for agricultural machinery or cabins for forklift trucks. (sfr)